6 Mar 2013

Secret Mysteries in London

Pack Front
Console: Nintendo 3DS 
Release Date: 2012 
Publisher: Licensed 4U/ MSL 

This is the first Hidden Object Adventure game on the 3DS, and frankly saying it’s a huge disappointment is an understatement.

I brought this game because I loved Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (Nintendo DS) and Another Code: Two Memories (Nintendo DS) and Another Code: R (Wii) which are a mixture of puzzle and search and find games set to a story. And being the 3DS, I thought it would be just as good as the DS Another Code: Two Memories, which not only uses a unique feature of closing the DS to transfer a picture from one screen to another (like a stamp), but is an excellent story using the DS to its full advantage. 


Like other reviews, I found the search items inaccurate and unclear and using the hints allowed me to see what they are. The movement system terrible- you use the analogue stick to navigate with the 3D effect to zoom in, and I found some of the room was unavailable to explore which annoyed me, as it was. It was jerky and movement seemed fixed, and full of bugs as the game froze repeatedly. I took it back to GAME for a full refund. It’s the worse game I have ever played in 20 years of gaming and the first one I have never finished. 

My advice? Buy one of the other games mentioned in this review, or if you have a PC, DS or i-phone (may be on other platforms too but these three I definitely know about), Broken Sword: Director's Cut, which is another good mystery adventure.