About Me

me cosplaying as Link at Hyper Japan
Hello my name is Amy, I am a video gamer of over 22 years with a preference for handheld consoles as I can play them anywhere. 

I like reading, writing and beta-reading (similar to copy editing/ proof reading) stories on www.fanfiction.net (my profile). I have also taught myself how to play the ocarina and how to make cosplay items on a budget. I enjoy going to musical theatre and video game events such as MCM Expo, Video Games Live, Legend of Zelda symphonies, London Film and Comic Con (the video game events I often go in Cosplay). Please see the Video Game Events tab for my reviews/ advice on these events.

In addition to reading fan-fiction, I also enjoy reading books, graphic novels and manga in a variety of genres. I am currently designing and writing a literature blog of all of the books I have read. 

I also enjoy designing and cross stitching a variety of subjects using DMC thread; Christmas cards (or any card), bookmarks, scissor keeps, pictures of natural objects, video game, Celtic knot work and Asissi (stencil) cross stitch.